A Priest for You, A Christian With you

The one experience of discipleship of those called to the priesthood is never interrupted. Under the action of the Holy Spirit, there is a process of gradual and continuous configuration to Christ.

God does not cease to call some men to follow and serve Him in the ordained ministry. However, we also must do our part, through formation, which is the response of man, of the Church, to God's gift, that gift which God makes through vocations... It is about protecting vocations and having them grow, so that they bear mature fruits. They are a 'diamond in the rough,' to be worked with care, respect of the conscience of persons and patience, so that they shine in the midst of the People of God” (Pope Francis, 3 October 2014).

It is recognised that Ongoing Formation is primarily the responsibility of the individual priest - and embraces his human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral needs. The OGF Committee assists priests in fulfilling this responsibility in a variety of ways.

To contact any member of the committee or to find out more about the distinct areas of the committee's work, please see the links at the foot of the page or contact the OGF Secretary, Gill Reeves, via the details in the sidebar.



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The Hermitage
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Upcoming Events and Courses


How religious broadcasting can inform preaching with Francis Campbell

23 October 2018 at the Amigo Hall

Advent Day of Recollection with Bishop John Wilson

12 December 2018 at the Kairos Centre

Where the State ends and the Church begins with Dr Helen Costigane SHCJ

29 January 2019 at the Hermitage

The Power and Potential of Catholic Education with Dr Simon Hughes

9 April 2019 at the Amigo Hall

Modern Media and Parish Communications with the Diocesan Communication Team

12 June 2019 at the Amigo Hall

From Grief to Grace with Fr Dominic Allain

13 November 2018 at the CCF


Pastoral Themes from ‘Broken’ with Fr Denis Blackledge SJ

20 February 2019 at the CCF

Lenten Day of Recollection on St Joseph with Fr Kevin Alban O.Carm

19 March 2019 at The Friars, Aylesford

Young People and the Life of the Church with Martin Poulsom and John Toryusen

16 May 2019 at the CCF

From Maintenance to Mission: Divine Renovation with Hannah Vaughan-Spruce

9 July 2019 at The Friars, Aylesford


Annual Clergy Retreat

Five-day guided retreat led by Canon John Udris at the Kairos Centre, Roehampton

16-20 September 2019

Personal and Spiritual Support


Every priest, newly ordained or newly arrived from overseas is provided with a friendly, informal visit from a member of the OGF team. Any concerns or questions, if not immediately answered, are then forwarded to the appropriate diocesan authority. Further support and assistance is also provided through the network of priest support groups, the Aylesford Courses or the overseas priests gatherings.

Handbook for Personal Support

The OGF team hold a list of experienced and capable experts in counselling and psychotherapy which is updated on a regular basis. Priests are invited to ask for a copy if one is not already in the parish office for their own support or the support of those in their care.

Spiritual Direction

The benefits of spiritual direction are well-known and the OGF team are keen to help facilitate the search for a spiritual director for the priests in our diocese. A list, again regularly updated, is held by the OGF office and periodically circulated by a member of the team.

Documents on Priestly Formation and supporting Priestly Ministry

The Gift of Priestly Vocation

Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis

Pastores Dabo Vobis

Apostolic Exhortation on Priestly Formation

A Charter for Priestly Formation for England and Wales

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Homiletic Directory

Directory for the Ministry and the Life of Priests

2013 Edition

Directory on the Canonical Status of the Clergy

Rights, Obligations and Procedure